Born in Valladolid (1965), architect from Escuela Técnica Superior,-bac+7- specialist in Town Planning (Valladolid University 1992) and Master in Documentation and Restoration of Monuments (Valladolid University 1994), Ph. Doctor in architecture from Universidad de Alcalá de Henares with the thesis Characterization and Technical Development of the Hispanic Fortifications (1474-1700), professor at the Alfonso X University on the Master of Rehabilitation since 2009. Both his professional activities as well as his research work have largely focused on medieval and Renaissance architecture and town planning: being invited as speaker at numerous International Scientific Congresses, as a director of specialized courses and invited lectures on Masters´ courses concerning heritage restoration at various universities in Spain, Italy and Portugal and as a restoration consultant. An active member of the Spanish Friends of Castles Association for the last 20 years, at present he is an elect member of the board of directors of the Spanish Association of Medieval Archaeology, honorary member of the Scientific Board of Europa Nostra and of the Partal Academy and Expert member of the ICOMOS International Scientific Committee on Fortifications and Military Heritage (ICOFORT), focusing part of his work on the research of new interdisciplinary work formulas, both in historical research as well as in monumental restoration.

Since 1989 he has been co-director of multidisciplinary teams, and since 1992, as Project Manager, carrying out documentation and diagnosis work in almost a hundred monuments. In recent years he has directed several interventions, both in town planning and restoration (specially on religious buildings, such as the churches of Calatañazor and San Saturio in Soria, Spain) and in walled enclosures and medieval castles (Villafuerte, Agreda, Calatañazor, Mansilla de las Mulas, Montealegre or Trigueros are some of them). Currently, he is responsible for the development and the drawing up of the Master Plans for the Restoration of the Castrotorafe castle in Zamora, those of Ponferrada (since 1994) and Cornatel in León, the castles of La Mota in Medina del Campo (since 1992) and Iscar in Valladolid, the Renaissance walls of Ibiza (since 2002), the System of Cross-border Fortifications on the River Miño in Portugal, Montearagón Castle in Huesca and Osma Castle in Burgo de Osma where conservation and restoration tasks have been planned. Moreover he is working on the development of Studies of Territorial Heritage Systems and new strategies for the valuation and definition of intervention criteria for the architectural heritage, a subject on which he has recently published several books and technical studies.

For his study about the fortifications of Castile and Leon he received the Silver Medal from the Spanish Friends of Castles Association in 1998. Likewise, he was awarded the Castilla y León Architecture Prize given by the Council of Architectural Societies in 1998 for his restoration of La Mota Castle, the AR&PA Prize for Restoration in 2002 for the scientific methodology employed in the Master Plan for the Restoration of Ponferrada Castle and won a Diploma in the category of Heritage Studies at the third edition (2004) of the Cultural Heritage Prizes of the European Union for the Master Plan for the Renaissance Walls of Ibiza. Finalist of the NATIONAL PRIZE OF ARCHITECTURE (2009) of the Spanish Departments of Culture for the restoration of Cornatel's Castle, and PRIZE VACCEA 2010 given by the University of Valladolid for the centre of visitors' receipt of the remains of the prehistoric city of Medina del Campo. For its research works about the fortification and urbanism in the border cities between Spain and Portugal and the methodological contribution of its book, in collaboration with Joao Campos, Almeida / Ciudad Rodrigo - la fortificación de la raya central, has been awarded with a “louvor” by the board of directors of the Associação Portuguesa dos Municípios com Centro Histórico. At 2014 and European Award for Architectural Heritage Intervention AADIPA 2015

He is also the author of numerous books and publications regarding the theory of restoration and the history of medieval and renaissance architecture and town planning.