The Studio of Architecture of Fernando Cobos was born in 1992 mainly dedicated to the study and restoration of historic buildings. Many are the architectural elements in which we have intervened, making always a rigorous diagnosis based on a complete planimetry and archaeological historical analysis of their constructive stages and their pathological processes. Castles, churches, city walls and monumental constructions in general are the main target of our work.

The first team formed by FERNANDO COBOS GUERRA, architect and VALENTN COBO SOLANO, technical architect, is now completed with the architect MIRIAM OTERO and the collaboration of the architects RICARDO MARTN and RODRIDO CANAL. The interdisciplinary teams who develop the Master Plans of the different monuments count on the collaboration of the archaeologist MANUEL RETUERCE, the engineer in topography FERNANDO MUNOZ, the architect ANTONIO HOYUELA and the historians ALICIA CMARA and JAVIER DE CASTRO. Other professionals have been joined and will be join into the different teams which develop specific project.